Course: Winning Sports Betting

Lead Instructor:  Bill Harrelson
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Welcome to Winning Sports Betting with ElitePickz, your introductory course to the world of sports betting! This course contains everything you need to know to get started on your path to becoming a proficient sports bettor. These lessons are fully comprehensive and gradually progress from entry-level to in-depth content. Without any prior knowledge of sports or placing bets, you can now quickly build a foundation of understanding with the professionals at ElitePickz.

With his experience in building a successful picks service company, the ElitePickz Founder and CEO personally walks you through the basics and sets you up for success. After building up your fundamentals, ElitePickz brings you professional odds-makers with real-world experience to take you on a deep dive into golf, football, and basketball betting. You’ll have the chance to learn tips and tricks from these successful, third-party tracked professionals who want to help you become a profitable sports bettor.

These lessons are designed to inform you on how to spot and seize potential edges in the market. If you’ve ever been skeptical about online sports betting, curious about how it works, or want to better understand the market and gain the confidence to place your first wager, this course is for you!


The information provided on Betting.SkillTrain.com is intended for educational purposes only. We offer guidance and techniques related to gambling with the aim of promoting responsible and informed decision-making. Gambling is inherently risky. Please read the full waiver and disclaimer here.

Course Lessons (9)

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Lesson 1: Sports Betting Overview

Congratulations on taking your first step toward becoming an informed sports bettor! By beginning this course, you are already setting yourself up to become an above-average sports bettor. This lesson covers introductory topics such as How to Place a Bet, Understanding Betting Odds, and the Casin...
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Lesson 2: Betting Types

This lesson gives you a comprehensive overview of the most common forms of wagers you will see in the sports betting market. This includes Singles and Straights, Parlays, Teasers, and more. Complete with examples to test your knowledge, you will become familiar with the advantages and disadvantag...
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Lesson 3: The Casino’s Edge

In this lesson, you will delve into the critical concept of "The Casino's Edge." Understanding the house advantage is essential for any sports bettor.
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Lesson 4: Discipline and Strategy

Maintaining discipline and developing a solid betting strategy are the cornerstones of successful sports betting. In this lesson, you'll learn the importance of bankroll management, setting clear betting goals, and creating a systematic approach to your wagers. We'll also discuss the psychologica...
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Lesson 5: Line Movement

Understanding how betting lines move is a key skill for sports bettors. This lesson will teach you the intricacies of line movement, why it occurs, and how to use it to your advantage. You'll learn to identify trends and anticipate line shifts, ultimately improving your ability to make timely and...
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Lesson 6: Advanced Strategy

Now that you have a solid foundation, it's time to explore advanced strategies in sports betting. This lesson delves into topics like hedging bets, handicapping, and live betting. You'll gain insights into how the pros make calculated decisions to maximize their profits and minimize risks in vari...
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Lesson 7: Golf Betting

Get ready for a comprehensive A-to-Z exploration of golf betting, where theory transforms into practical insights and strategies to elevate your understanding and approach in the dynamic world of golf analytics and betting.
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Lesson 8: Basketball Betting

Learn the ins and outs of basketball betting in this lesson. You’ll learn fundamentals like how to understand basketball odds and utilize key statistics, as well as explore advanced analytics. This lesson also covers live betting strategies and effective bankroll management for basketball wagering.
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Lesson 9: Football Betting

In this lesson, dive into the world of American football betting and its core principles, odds essentials, bet types, and wagering strategies. Enhance your knowledge with specialized bets, research and analytics, and key statistics. You’ll also learn about valuable resources to equip you with nex...

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Lead Instructor

Bill Harrelson

Founder/CEO of ElitePickz

Bill's journey in the world of Sports Betting started as a bit of an accident. He was always a huge sports fan, and naturally was drawn into some of the people selling sports betting advice online. He even used to do advertising for a few competitor brands, before realizing how many of them were scams.